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10 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

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Footwear is the most important outfit that you should care about it. Your footwear has a big impact on your fashion. A beautiful design shoe can tarnish your fashion or make it more solidified as well.

This is the reason you should have a good collection of fashionable shoes. This will increase the possibility to wear the best shoes with any outfits.

If you have no idea, what types of shoes you should wear or collect for the future, here I am listing the top 10 types of shoes every woman should own.

Following this guide, you can collect the best type of shoes and wear them when necessary. This will help you improve your dressing sense as well. It’s not universal, you have the option to customize them too.

Top 10 types of shoes every woman should own

Commonly, we consider our clothes as fashion elements. But without a good pair of shoes, you won’t look perfect. Choosing the wrong type of shoe with a special type of cloth also can mess up everything.

So, you should read the post carefully and pick the perfect types of shoes for future use. This will provide much comfort and flexibility in your fashion activity.

Flip Flops:

Flip flop shoes are commonly used as informal footwear that you can use for daily life activities. This type of shoe is comfortable for its lightweight feature.

If you are searching for affordable price footwear, then flip-flops are the best choice for you. Flip flop shoes are similar to slippers and ensure comfortable use all over the day.


You should have a few pairs of flip flop shoes on your collection. This provides the best flexibility in your everyday fashion. You can change your footwear and bring variation to it.

You can also enrich your collection by mixing slipper and flip flop shoes. This will help you to ensure variation in your collection.


Slippers are commonly worn indoors and designed for better comfort. Rather than the style, this type of shoes helps you to ensure warmth and a healthy environment. In your foot rack, you should have a pair or multiple pairs of slippers.

Because people love to wear this type of shoe all day long. Having multiple pairs of same category shoes helps in better comfort.


When you organize your shoe in the shoe rack, it takes less space and they are super lightweight to carry. You can use them both in indoor and outdoor activities. Slipper suits all informal clothes and outfits.


Sneakers are our 3rd pick in this list for its comfort of use and excellent balancing system. You will feel less pressure on your feet that ensure enough comfort in your daily life.

Sneakers are less prone to injuries that also attract people to buy. Additionally, they are super fashionable and stylish. Anyone including grandmom and kids can wear this type of footwear.


Aged people can’t wear high heel shoes because of their slipping, falling and breaking tendency. But sneakers anyone can wear for its flat and comfortable feet.


Sandals are a good alternative of heels at weddings and other ceremonies. You can pick ankle-strap sandals instead of normal sandals for its classy look. You will find various types of sandals available in the market.


But you should ensure a good collection of fashionable sandals. You can wear sandals on any kind of get together or family occasion as well. This type of shoe suits casual clothes & dresses.

Ankle Boots:

If you love high heel shoes, ankle boots can be a good choice for you. This type of shoe is not too high and less prone to injury. This provides a comfortable height and flexible wear on parties.


We cannot think of a modern woman without a pair of ankle boots. Because they are highly fashionable and affordable at price. I suggest you collect a pair of ankle boots if you don’t have already.

Tall Boots:

When cold winter comes, Tall Boots provides the best comfort and warmth feeling for its dynamic formation style. Both you will find flat and heeled tall boots available in the market.


You can pick the perfect type of tall boot as you required. Especially, when you live in winter prone countries, you must have a collection of tall boots. This will worth your money comparing its excellent benefits.

All-Weather Boots:

Boots are commonly used footwear that people wear all around the year. For the safety, security, and comfort you should keep all-weather boots on your shoe rack. Also, they are fashionable and accepted for most of the events.


You can use it for daily exercise and office use as well. Boots you can use in winter, summer and even on rainy days. For its extensive advantages, you should consider this type of shoes in your house.

Running Shoes:

Running Shoes is something special and you should keep them separate. Without good running shoes, you won’t able to run properly. When you are running, you should ensure the best safety, security, and comfort.


You can consider running boots and sneakers for better running. Choices are different and vary people to people. You should identify a good running shoe pair and use them for running purposes.

High Heels:

High Heels are the best choice for fashionable women. This provides a bold look at parties. But you can also use with a formal dress.


If you are a fashion-freak woman, you should collect this type of fashionable shoes on your rack. Though high heel shoes are prone to injuries and falling, you can wear them occasionally.

Ballerina Flats:

You won’t find a woman who never worn any Ballerina Flats. This type of shoes is super common and most of the girl likes. If you are searching for a quick solution and fashionable shoes, you must check this type of shoes.


Final Words

Whether you are a fashion-freak or simple lady, you have to maintain a general standard to cope up with society. Footwear can make a huge difference in your everyday fashion. You must consider the above-mentioned types of shoes every woman should own and collect them for your shoe organizer.

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