Skechers Womens Work Shoes Review

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As a nurse, you have to be on your feet all day long. This causes pain in the heel, sore feet, leg pain, and back pain and many other physical problems. Shoes without comfort and arch support are not good for feet health.

You may think is it very important to take care of feet? Obviously yes, those works like nurses, attenders, cashiers always work on their feet.  So, if the feet are not well then how you will work properly?

So, you should use design work shoes which will help you to take care of your foot. Here I will talk about Skechers women’s work shoes as the best shoes for nurses. Hope all nurses will get help from my article.

There are many shoe brands that manufacture shoes for nurses. But Skechers brand is the best brand for nurse shoes. Skechers women’s work shoes are best for providing comfort and arch support. These two will help you to walk and stand for hours without any problem. So not only nurses all working women should use this shoe. This shoe is stylish and reasonable in price.

Why go for good Nursing Shoes?

A good nursing shoe is a benefit for all.

  • Works like a protector from the sudden spill or dropping items.
  • It is slip-resistant which helps a lot when you are in a hurry in your workplace or running on a wet floor.
  • Is shoe with comfortable foam which helps feet to stay relaxed and sore free when you are working for a long shift only by standing for hours.
  • Has the arch support which helps the foot to stay pain-free.

Now I will introduce to the top nurse shoe, the Skechers women’s work shoes. Stay with me.

Skechers Women’s Work Shoes:

Product Description:

If you are looking for stylish and well shoes than the Skechers brand is perfect for you. The shoes are made with high-quality leather which is smooth and solid.

Also, the sole is slip-resistant. The leather protects toe and heel. The insole of the shoe is foam made; the midsole is shock-absorbing. These features made this shoe durable and comfortable.

The shoe fits well and gives relax to the feet. If you are arthritis patient you will feel comfortable with this shoe. The shoe is light in weight and very flexible in use.

Features at a Glance

  • The shoe is 11 x 4 x 7 inches.
  • The design of the shoe is simple but standard.
  • The leather of the shoe is imported.
  • The sole is slip-resistant.
  • The foam is comfortable and flexible.
  • The shoe is the toe steel safe toe.


  • Foot, leg and back pain will get better.
  • The body will be in good balance.
  • The spinal problem will not give a problem if you have this shoe in your feet.
  • your leg stress will get relax and you will feel comfortable when you are walking with this shoe.


  • Some users say the design and the foam is not suitable for their feet.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques: Are the shoes comfortable?

Ans: yes, they are very comfortable.

Ques: Is the shoe sole allow you to walk or run easily?

Ans: yes, you can move easily in places even with carpet on the floor.

Ques: Do the shoe fits perfectly?

Ans: yes, the shoe fits perfectly.


Skechers women’s work shoes are the best shoes for working women who have to stay on their feet for long hours. The shoes give relief in from feet, leg and back pain. If you are searching for comfortable nurse shoes, then take this wonderful shoe.

Before purchasing go through this honest review, you will get a clear idea of this shoe. This will help you to make the decision quickly. Take this shoe and enjoy your walk and stand-in work.

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