How to Stop Shoes from Rubbing Achilles?

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Having rubbing Achilles is one of the worst experiences in our life. When you purchase new shoes and experience rubbing Achilles, this really hurts. Everyone searches the way to stop rubbing Achilles when they purchase new shoes.

If you are searching for possible ways to stop rubbing Achilles, you are in the right place to learn. Because here I’m going to share the top 6 tips that will help you to prevent rubbing Achilles.

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6 Ways to Stop on how to Stop Shoes from Rubbing Achilles

Wear Shoe Pairs that Fits You:

To avoid rubbing Achilles, you must wear perfect size shoe. This will hold your feet properly and helps to avoid friction when you run or walk. People often make a mistake when they choose their shoes. This is a major reason they experience rubbing Achilles.

If you pick very tight or loose shoes, it will surely create rubbing Achilles on the back of your ankle. Especially, when you are wearing new shoes, make sure they are a perfect fit for your leg. This will help you to avoid rubbing Achilles easily.

The material of the Shoes:

The material of the shoe is also important. If you choose the wrong type of shoes with low-quality material, then you will experience rubbing Achilles. The manufacturer uses rubber, plastic, leather, elastic cardboard and sometimes recycled leathers on shoes.

Not all types of material made shoes suit to everyone. You need to identify the perfect type of shoe material and use it. This will help you to avoid rubbing Achilles and keep your feet healthy. According to experts, using leather made shoes is much effective to avoid this kind of issues.

Rub with Leather:

Shoe manufacturers use many different types of chemicals and glues on shoes to make it long-lasting, effective and fresh-looking. But this makes the shoes every harsh and sharp sometimes. When you wear a brand new shoe, this cause rubbing Achilles for the friction with your leg.

To get rid of this type of hassle, you can rub your new shoes with a piece of leather. It will remove all the edges and chemicals from your shoes. Rubbing the shoes with leather makes it soft and comfortable to wear. You can cut your old shoes to collect the piece of leather for rubbing.

Use Double Socks:

Another easy way to avoid rubbing Achilles is by using double socks with your new shoes. This will keep your skin away from the shoes and protect your skin. Though the method is uncomfortable and damages the shoe quality, you can try.

It also produces bad smell and impact on your leg, if you wear for a longer period. To get a quick solution, you can try the method for one or two days. But no longer than that. You can use your extra sock set that you don’t use anymore.

Use Achilles Shield:

Using a heel blister protector is a convenient way to keep yourself secure without losing the shoe quality and socks. They are made with responsive foam materials that easily adjusts with your feet. Using an Achilles shield, you can easily prevent Achilles when you wear new shoes.

They are cheap in price and available in multiple sizes. They also help you to fit your loose shoes on your feet. If you bought a large size shoe and having issues to fit it. You can try this excellent product to make your shoes comfortable. Try Achilles Shield.

Use Heat:

You can use heat to make your shoes easy and fit for your leg. This will remove all the edges and harshness from your shoes. You need to identify the affected areas and perform heat treatment on it. Don’t apply high heat to your shoes. Because this can damage the quality of your shoes.

You can take help from the people who are an expert on this type of activity. Make sure other portions of your shoes are not being affected by heat or fire.

Final Words:

Avoiding the rubbing Achilles is not hard, but you need to be aware. Following the above-mentioned points, you can easily avoid any kind of harm to your back ankle. This will ensure the relaxed and comfortable use of your new shoes effectively.

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