How to Make Dolls Shoes?

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Alike human shoes, doll shoes have great importance to make it presentable and adorable. You can easily make a doll shoe with little or no skill sometimes. You just need to learn some basics and practice with your doll.

You can make them in two ways. You can make them with the cutouts or you can make regular boots. The cutouts style boots have tiny little holes on it and regular boots do not contain any hole on it.

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Materials You Need to Make a Doll Shoe:

  • 3, 10 and 11-inch Vinyl
  • Decorative Ribbon
  • Two Millimeter Foam
  • Craft Foam
  • Cardboard for the Soles
  • Pencil for Staining
  • Glue Stick & Glue Gun
  • X-Acto Knife

How to Make Dolls Shoes as Beginner?

To start your doll making process, you need to collect all the materials. They are simple and you can easily collect from fabric stores. Apparel vinyl is not recommended, because they would be too flimsy.

You also need a decorative ribbon to decorate your doll shoe. Craft foams help to prepare the body of the shoe. You can use two-millimeter foam and cut them into 1/4 inch to 3/8 of an inch.

Then you need cardboard for the soles and you can collect them from the cracker boxes.

Let’s start with the instructions.

So, to start you’re going to need your paper pattern piece. Cut them into the shoe shape. You can also use real leather instead of vinyl. By the way but they’re so expensive.

Cut each of the vinyl paper using an x-acto knife. Prepare the soles, the pattern of shoe shapes and other necessary parts. You can use a leather puncher and punch out your shoelace cutouts.

Use your pencil to stain the area where you are going to cut your vinyl paper and foam. Cut a piece of the shoe first and then copy it to create another piece of shoe.

When creating the 2nd shoe, make the upside-down. So, it gets the perfect shape of both legs. This will help you to create real looking shoes for your doll.

After doing all the little holes and cutouts, you are ready to join them with the glue gun. When you are joining the doll shoe, stay aware. As they are very little, you won’t able to control them properly.

You need lots of expertise and practice to make a perfect doll shoe. Of course, it will take some time, but you can overcome the situation by doing hard work.

Things to Consider When Making a Doll Shoe

When you are creating the shoes for your doll, you must consider few important things carefully. Otherwise, you won’t able to use it on your dolls. The whole process will be a wastage of time. So, you need to care about our listed suggestions.

This will help you to create the perfect size shoe pair effectively. You can use them for a longer time as well. Also, it helps to save money on your shoemaking process.


Production material is always important for the product. If you use the low-quality product, it will impact on your doll shoes later. It will be damaged really quickly if you use low-quality production material. We used vinyl, ribbon, and foam to make doll shoes here. You can also use this type of material to create doll shoes. But avoid apparel vinyl as I mentioned they are too flimsy.

Cutting the Materials:

Doll’s shoe materials are very tiny and little. So, you have to cut them carefully. If you make any mistake, it will impact on the shoe size and quality as well. I suggest people use an x-acto knife for cutting this type of tiny material. This will help you to cut your shoes perfectly.

Join Them Carefully:

As you are making tiny little shoes, you need to stay very careful when you are joining different parts of the shoes. This will help you to join them accurately. We have used a glue stick and glue gun to join our shoe doll. Both have a special instinct that helps people to work comfortably.

Understanding the Measurement:

Understanding measurement is essential. If you don’t measure the doll feet carefully, it will not fit on your doll feet. If you make them too large or small, it will not look good on your doll. So, you must use a pencil to draw lines and cut the shoes in perfect measurement. After making the shoes, you can join them with sewing.

Final Words

Dolls are always special to people who love playing with dolls. Thus the shoes of the doll have a great impact. Following this step by step guide, anyone can make a doll shoe for their favorite doll. We used very simple elements to create doll shoes that anyone can follow.

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