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15 Clever Ways to Maintain Your Shoes

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In our everyday life fashion, shoes have a great impact and you should take care of your shoes. Without taking care of your shoes, it will look cheap and unfit. We all wear our best outfits and footwear every day.

But improper maintenance of our shoes makes our shoes ugly. Also, your expensive shoes look cheap for bad maintenance skills. If you can store your shoes in a safe place, it will look excellent.

We usually store our shoes in traditional ways that destroy the shiny look of your shoes. The storing technique is the most essential way to protect your shoes for a longer period. If you can’t store the shoes in a proper way, it will look dull and ugly on your next use.

I can list hundreds of reason that forces to store your shoes in a safe place. But the storing skill is essential that most of the people don’t know.

From your busy life schedule, you can separate a little time and invest in your shoe storing skill. This will really worth your money and help you wearing fresh-looking work shoes whenever you need it. You don’t need to become an expert to store your shoes. Here are our top 15 clever ways to store your shoes.

15 Clever Ways to Maintain Your Shoes

Keep Your Shoes in Clean Environment:

Shoe organizers contain lots of dust and dirt when you use them regularly. If you keep your shoes in a dirty environment, it will get dirty as well. You need to clean your shoe organizer on a regular basis to keep your shoes shiny and gorgeous.

You can also keep your unused shoes in a separate box. This will help you to keep your good shoes away from dirty shoes. Using this effortless way, you can easily keep the shoes clean and fit for the next use.

Let the Air Pass:

Whenever you storing your shoes, make sure the area is not confined. You should let the air pass where you kept your shoes. This will help you to store your shoes for a longer time. People make this mistake and they store in confined areas that produce so many bad smells on it.

When you try to reuse your shoes, the rotten smell does not let you use your shoes. Even you stored a good quality shoe, it will be dirty for storing in confined areas.

A Waterproof Shoe Rack:

A waterproof shoe rack can enhance the security of your shoes. In the rainy season, your shoes get maximum damage for rough weather. Generally, people place their shoe racks outside the home or in an open space.

Heavy rain can hamper your shoes and shoe organizer if it is not a waterproof shoe rack. So, you have to keep your shoes in a waterproof shoe rack to keep them secure.

A Hanging Closet Organizer:

This is another clever way to keep your shoes. If you keep your shoes in a traditional shoe organizer, then it could be hampered easily.

But if you keep them in a hanging shoe organizer, it will look stylish and the shoes will stay safe. You will find lots of hanging closet available in the market, you can pick the perfect one for you. Depending on the type and size the price can vary.

A Spinning Shoe Tree:

You will find spinning shoe trees that look really gorgeous. You can store all the slippers and sandals on it. This type of shoes contains huge dust and mold on them. So, you have to clean the shoes before you store them. Depending on the size, a spinning shoe tree can contain 20 to 25 pairs of shoes on it.

A Shoe Cabinet:

A shoe cabinet can help you to store your shoes in a decent manner. This type of cabinet does not take huge space and contains a good number of shoe pairs. Shoe cabinets are stylish and you can keep in a narrow space.

You will find different material made shoe cabinets available in the market. Wood, Plastic and Aluminum are some common materials that use on the shoe cabinet. Depending on your need, you can pick the right type of shoe cabinet.

A Shoe Organizer That Slides Under Your Bed:

A large amount of people does not buy a shoe organizer for lacking spaces. A Shoe organizer merged with your bed can be a good solution. You will find this type of shoe organizer or you can use custom build shoe organizer. This will not block any space in your house. You can easily store all of your unused shoes on this type of shoe organizer.

A Hallway Bench Shoe Organizer:

A hallway bench shoe organizer is a modern design shoe organizer that helps you to keep your shoes in a narrow area. This also helps people to sit and change their shoes as well. You will find this type of shoe organizer available in the market or you can build this type of custom show organizer consulting with mason. This type of multipurpose bench you can use for several tasks.

Kids Shoe Holder:

Parents always care about their kids and purchase a large number of shoes for them. If you have kids in your house, you should use a separate shoe holder for your kids. Because they mess up all the shoes together to find a single pair of shoes.

They can make your polished shoe dirty. Using a separate shoe rack can help you keep your shoes secure. You will find various types of kids shoe holders available in the market. 

Vertical Boot Racks:

Vertical boot racks are modern design shoe racks you can use to keep your boots. This type of boot rack only developed to take care of your boots. If you have a large number of collection of boots, you can purchase a vertical boot rack.

People love their attractive design and flexibility. Vertical boor racks come with maximum storage capacity for boots. You will find different material made vertical boot racks.

Stackable Shoe Storage Box:

You will find stackable shoe storage boxes where you can keep any type of shoe on it. This type of box is space-saving, lightweight and stylish. You can easily clean the boxes and store any shoes for a long time.

This type of box is separate from each other. So, you can purchase a specific number of shoebox for your needs. If you have a spacing problem, you keep them in multiple places. This provides the best comfort to use the shoe storage boxes.

Wooden Shoe Racks: Wooden shoe rack is a traditional shoe rack that people are using over the years. You can use wooden shoe racks to keep your shoes on it. Cleaning this type of shoe rack is easy and you can carry them in different places as well.


Depending on a load of your shoes, you have to pick the perfect size shoe rack. But the only disadvantage of this type of shoe rack is they are heavy in weight.

Plastic Shoe Racks:

Plastic made shoe racks are lighter than the wooden shoe racks. You can easily carry this type of shoe rack and use it in the desired places.


As they are thin and gorgeous in design, you can use this type of racks anywhere you want. Plastic racks are affordable in price that anyone can purchase. If you are searching affordable price shoe racks you must check this type of shoe racks. 

Self-Made Racks:

This type of racks is out of any restriction. If you have proper technical skills, you can make custom racks for your own. There is no special rule to build a rack. You can develop it in your own way.

You can use any material and equipment to prepare your custom shoe rack. You can implement your own style and size on it. Generally, people use wood to build custom shoe racks. Because they are easy to find and work with.

Scheduled Maintenance:

If you are storing your shoe for a long time, you should check them after a certain time. Especially, when you are storing the shoes in a confined area. This can produce a bad smell on it and reduce the shoe quality.

This is the reason you have to check your shoes regularly and clean them properly. You can keep your shoes in the open air and make your shoes dry. Using clothes to store shoes is another clever way that you can follow. When you are storing your shoe, wrap it with clothes to keep it dry.

Final Words: 

We purchase several types of shoes for different purposes. But we do not use them in our everyday life. To ensure the best service from the shoes you must have to store them properly. This will help you to use your shoes for a longer possible time.

To help you learning shoe storing techniques, we listed the top 15 clever ways to maintain your shoes on this list. You should use these techniques to keep your shoes protected and secured.

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